Baby Giggling at Family Cat is The Cutest Video Ever

Baby Giggling at Family Cat is The Cutest Video Ever

Babies are adorable.

So are cats. Put them both together and you get the most adorable video the internet has ever seen.This babyโ€™s reaction to seeing the family cat is one of such extreme joy that it can only be described as โ€œfreaking out.โ€ Her little limbs start flailing and she squeals so loud that you are almost afraid that the cat will not reciprocate the babyโ€™s feelings of pure rapture.While the cat may seems less than enthused by the babyโ€™s reaction, it almost makes the video better - the cat is barely doing anything and this infant is positively enthralled!โ€œShe is incapable of controlling her limbs when her kitty is around,โ€ wrote Kaitlin Merkley, the babyโ€™s mother - a fact we can all confirm by watching the video. Just look at her little arms and legs go!And lets not forget the cat. What a trooper! Many cats would have bolted from the crib or swatted at the source of the noise, but this intrepid feline takes it all in stride. Even at 0:40 in the video, when the cat looks at Kaitlin like โ€œwhat is this kid going on about?โ€ she is still cool as a cucumber.

Watch the whole video for yourself here!

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