How to Take Care of Your Dog This Winter


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Winter is on its way and we are already feeling the chill in the air. Unfortunately, while we know what to do in the cold and can express ourselves, our four-legged friends are not so lucky. The onus is on you as an owner to understand your petโ€™s needs and to take care of it in the right way. Here are a few changes you can make in taking care of your dog in winter.


Reduce the frequency with which you bathe your dog in the winter. As it is, bathing your dog too frequently in any season is not desirable at all as the natural oils which a dogโ€™s body releases are very essential for the health if its skin. This is more important in winter than at any other time.Bathing in winter may lead to increased chances of flaky skin and dandruff because due to the dryness in the air.


This is an important point for owners who have dogs with long hair. Long hair can tangle more often, thereby collecting frost, snow and other icy formations. It is very important to remember to regularly run a soft brush through your dogโ€™s hair during winter. Not only is this important to remove icy debris, but also deposits of flaky skin and hair. This way, your dogโ€™s coat will be breathable and remain healthy.


More calories are burnt in cold weather than in warm. This means that your pet will require more food than usual. Try incorporating more meat into your dogโ€™s diet during winter as this can help your dogโ€™s body deal with the cold better. Also, make sure your dog has access to plenty of water, as dehydration can easily occur in dry, cold environments.

Walks and outdoor activities

Reduce letting your dog getting out too much during the winter. The more number of times your dog moves from the warm indoors to the cold outdoors and vice versa, the more are the chances of its skin causing problems. Try and keep your dog indoors as much as possible. Rather than just heating your home, try to humidify it as well as this can prevent the problems occurring due to a dry environment. At times when you take your dog for a walk, dry him up immediately upon getting him back inside with a dry towel. Leaving the frost can cause the fur to remain wet.In general, remember that if you are cold, so is your pet and ignoring your pet in the winter is very cruel. States such as Ohio have already passed legislations to punish owners who leave their dogs out in the cold. For more guidelines, contact



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