How to Stop Your Dog From Jumping

How to Stop Your Dog From Jumping

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It is essential to train your dog not to jump on you or your family members, friends, and other guests who drop by at your home or greet you on the street when you are walking with the canine. It is not enough to physically restrain the animal when they tried to do it and then forget the incident until it gets repeated. It is crucial to train the canine so that such incidences stop permanently.

Do not punish

Whatever you do, it is advisable not to punish the dog. Doing this can result in the dog getting anti-social. It may shy away from visitors and even hide when it sees or hears someone new coming in its field of vision. Instead, when your dog jumps on you, turn around and do not pay attention. If you have multiple dogs, pay attention to the one whose all four paws are touching the floor. This four paws touching the floor is an essential lesson for the canine. A dog jumps up to get attention. When it understands that attention will not be given if it jumps, the dog will automatically cease to do so.

If you want to train your dog this way, you should get a minimum of 10 people to practice the same behavior. Your dog should understand that no human likes to be jumped upon, and there are no exceptions to the rule. Repeating the "ignoring" attitude will force your dog to mend its ways. It also helps to desensitize the dog when someone presses the doorbell. An excellent way to teach the dog not to jump is to enter the room from outside, and when the dog jumps on you, exit the room. Let everyone in the family adopt the same mannerism. Conversely, pay more attention to the dog when it sits.

While taking a walk

The problem starts when you do not want your dog to jump on others when you two are taking a walk in the park. The easy way-but temporary solution- is to use a crack, leash, tie-back, or gate. It is essential that the dog must not be hurt during the time of restraining. Take the help of friends to practice the dog not to jump on strangers. Once your dog jumps on your friend, the person must go away and not look back. Do not walk the dog without the leash. The canine must be attached to you with a rope at all times.

If it is the matter for guests, then tie the dog to something immovable. The length of the leash must be shorter than the distance between the dog and the guest. Give the dog treats if it remains calm from start to end.

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