How to Stop Your Dog From Begging


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One of the most common problems faced by dog owners is when their dogs beg them for food. An unfavorable side-effect of loving your dog a lot is that you want to give them everything they want. So it is too much to bear when they start begging for food and you cave. With a little discipline and willpower on your part, begging is one of the easiest misbehaviors to correct. Just follow these simple tips:

  1. Do not feed a begging dog โ€“ It sounds like common sense, but you would be surprised at how little people consider it when they look into the eyes of their canine companion. Your dog knows very well that the high-pitched whining is a very effective tool against you, as it has worked in its favor before. Giving food reinforces the behavior that precedes it. Your dog has learned that he can get food by begging. Start a new trend by withholding the food, and teach your dog that he/she cannot expect rewards for begging.
  2. Ignore begging behavior โ€“ Begging is a way of seeking attention. Do not give in to the demands of your dog. Ignore the behavior to teach your dog that it can't get results that way. When you show affection to your dog, talk to him, or make eye contact, you are directly feeding the mental state of your dog. Practice no talk, no touch and avoid eye contact. To promote obedience, remove the dog from the room for 20 seconds. Allow the dog back into the room after the timeout, so that he can make the better choice and be rewarded for it.
  3. Do not feel sorry โ€“ You know that your dog is well-fed. It does not run the risk of going hungry if you don't give him the last scrap. Do not feel pity for him when he places a paw on your leg and flashes his big, wet eyes. If you have any doubts about how much you should feed your dog, talk to the veterinarian. It will help ease your concern and let you be assertive and calm.
  4. Consistently use discipline โ€“ Consistency is the key to a successful training. Your dog has to learn that his/her begging behavior reaps no rewards a 100% of the time to let go of the habit completely. If you enforce the rules inconsistently, your dog will only be sporadically obedient. Ensure that the pack leaders in the house understand this and administer the same rules.
  5. Be patient โ€“ No dog changes his behavior overnight. If your dog continues to beg even after you have followed these instructions to the tee, do not despair. Remember to stay consistent and don't ever give up. You will be rewarded with a much better behaved dog.
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