Northeast Boston Terrier Rescue - Saving USA's First Breed

Northeast Boston Terrier Rescue - Saving USA's First Breed

Many shelters dedicate their efforts to a range of animals, but a select few focus on specific breeds or species. The

Northeast Boston Terrier Rescue

organization specializes in its namesake, helping pooches in need who are homeless in the New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania areas.The Northeast Boston Terrier Rescue (or NEBTR) takes each case as seriously as the next, working tirelessly until every canine is adopted into a loving home.

Who they arenebtr-icon

Boston Terriers are often referred to as "The American Gentleman," mainly due to their roots as the first U.S. dog breed. While other pooches have come from overseas, these canines are purebred Americans. They're NEBTR's single priority when conducting rescue efforts.Most of the dogs under their care are adolescentย to adultย dogs in needย ofย rehoming for multiple reasons. The dedicated volunteers guide the terriers through the entire process as they transition to new families. Every dog is fostered at NEBTR's facilities and evaluated for a minimum of two weeks to assess integral aspects of adoption, such as personality type, house training and basic manners.The nonprofit organization is quick to point out that they don't buy or sell dogs to potential owners. NEBTR's primary goal is to provide the best home possible for each dog in the hope that they'll never have to be rescued or fostered byย a shelter again. The team thoroughly examines each application to ensure that the needs of every pooch are offered by applicants' homes.

What they do

NEBTR takes its rescue efforts very seriously because it believesย foster care better prepares dogs for new families and helps forge longer lasting bonds with owners. They receive numerous applications for a single dog, which leads to a thorough vetting process of each home. Even the volunteers endure similar screening procedures to oversee who works closely with the canines.In addition, NEBTR aims to educate prospective adopters on the lives of Boston Terriers. For example, the organization's brochure explained thatย 

these pooches are active

ย and love to play and interact with their owners. They're practically ageless, continuing their physical activity well into their older years.The rescue group also runs a

dedicated blog that highlights adoption success stories

from their organization. The site is used to advertise available pups and provide up-to-date information as various terriers are taken in by specific families.

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