How to Responsibly Surrender Your Pet

How to Responsibly Surrender Your Pet

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When you have pets, they become an integral part of your life. For many people, pets are like family and pet owners take their responsibilities very seriously. No pet owner can ever think of giving away his or her pets but, in certain circumstances, it might be difficult to keep caring for your pet. If you are moving to a new place, have to travel a lot, or are unable to take good care of your pets for any other reason, it is best to re-home and surrender your pet.It is by no means, an easy decision. But it is what is best for your precious fur ball. When it comes to re-homing your pet, there are several decisions to be made. You need to make sure that your pet's new family will welcome and care for your pet the same way you did, if not more. Re-homing is an important step and it needs to be done with careful thought.Here is how you can surrender your pet responsibly.

Try to avoid giving your pet to total strangers

If you have decided to surrender your pet, try to give them away to someone you know will take care of your pets. It is best to give them away to a friend or family member. This will put you at ease and the transition will be much easier for your pet.If your pets are released into a new environment with new people all of a sudden, there are chances that your pet might suffer from depression and anxiety.

Familiarize them with their new home

Pets can get quite anxious when they don't see their owner for several days. They can get restless, aggressive, and stop eating. Some pets can even go into depression. In order to avoid such situations, it is best to introduce your pet to his or new home before you have to give them away. Sit with your pets while they get accustomed to their new homes and gradually leave them there for a bit longer every day. Try to get your pet to interact with the new owners so that the transition will be smooth for everyone.

Increase the chances of your pet getting adopted

When surrendering your pet, it is important to see that they go into well-kept homes that are sure to treat your pets like their own. To increase your pet's adoptability, you need to make sure that your pet is well-groomed and trained. If your pet has behavioral issues, it is best to seek professional help so that your pets do not have a problem when being re-homes. Groom your pet thoroughly and make sure that they look well-loved and well-taken care of.

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