How To Prolong Your Catโ€™s Life


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Wouldnโ€™t it be great if there was ever a miracle drug to prolong your catโ€™s life? The death of a pet is always a sad and unhappy event. More like the death of a family member who you love and cherish and has been part of your life for a long time. A cat is a great pet who is wildly known for its attachment issues. But once they get attached, the two of you become inseparable and the looming day of their death become even more unbearable. Cats have a longer lifespan when compared to dogs. Cats are known to live on well into their 20sโ€™. Here are a few steps that you could take to lengthen your catโ€™s life.

  1. Visit The Doctor Every Year. Your vet checks for all the major issues that could put a potential hamper on her life, make recommendations for her diet, address concerns regarding her behavior, and even help you to create a great health plan specially designed for your catโ€™s needs. An annual exam becomes increasingly important as your cat ages.
  2. Indoor Cats Live Longer! The outdoors isnโ€™t really that great a place for cats. From non-toxic plants like foxtails to toxic plants such as azaleas and lilies, there are a lot of dangers that are cat-specific. Other dangers that your cat could face while outside include cars, people, parasites, other animals, and a lack of adequate protection from other elements.
  3. Weekly Weight Checks Weight GainFeline Obesity is a serious problem. Just like humans, cats are also at high risk for getting weight-related health problems. Cats even have a parallel disease to type 2 diabetes. It can drastically decrease their lifespan. Keep your kitty fit and healthy if you want to see her live a long and happy life.Weight LossWeight Loss in your cat can be a symptom of other serious health problems. Watch out for fluctuations in weight and contact your veterinarian immediately if something seems off.
  4. Polish Your Catโ€™s Teeth Cats are also at risk for gum disease. The bacteria in your catโ€™s dental disease makes its way into the bloodstream, this can have a devastating effect on your catโ€™s internal organs. Brush those teeth and keep them clean.
  5. Occupy Them With Fun Activities A happy cat is a healthy cat. Most cats are happy playing with boxes or watching life go by from a safe system. You can help them by placing a sofa in front of the window that looks out into the street. When you buy new appliances, save the boxes so your cat can play with them. Itโ€™s the simple things that entertain your cat the most.
Other Things You Can Do Are:
  • Take a note of her changes in behavior.
  • Avoid poisonous plants and other dangerous substances.
  • Provide high-quality nutrition.
  • Make sure your cat drinks enough water.
  • Provide exercise
  • Change your catโ€™s diet with age.
  • Consider supplements
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