Why You Need a Puppy?

Why You Need a Puppy?

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Dog owners know that a wet kiss from a puppy can brighten up even the worst day. Science shores up the assumption that dogs make anyone happier. Your dog can also make you healthier. This is as your dog is good for the heart. Owning a dog actually reduces the chances of having a heart attack. Other cardiovascular diseases are also reduced. When you cuddle your dog, a lot of good things happen!

Therapist and cancer detection

Your dog can also act as your therapist. Animal Assisted Therapy (AAT) or Pet Therapy as it is also known, has been associated with pain reduction. AAT has also worked wonders to reduce anxiety and depression in many individuals afflicted with a broad range of physical health problems and mental health problems. A number of people have undergone pet therapy, including veterans suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and patients undergoing chemotherapy. Even physical therapy patients working to improve their motor skills can benefit from keeping dogs for company. It is known that people who do not see their families for long stretches of time take dogs to alleviate feelings of depression and homesickness. In students, dogs help to reduce stress during examination time.

Dogs are known to sniff out cancer. They have a certain sense of smell, which is one million times stronger than a human. Working canines use their keen smell sense to locate drugs and bombs. Puppies can smell any abnormality present in our bodies. Research has conclusively proved that an average dog can be trained to sniff out cancer in humans. A dog can also detect biomarkers in urine.

Active happiness

Your dog will keep you active. A dog owner walks much more compared to a non-dog owner. It has been calculated that owners of dogs have a 34 percent more probability of staying fit by achieving the required quantum of exercise every week compared to those who do not have dogs. Walking with the dog can look like a low impact exercise, but it works. It also helps that dogs lower the stress levels. Any interaction with dogs reduce stress levels. Even simple activities like petting the dog or playing fetch could increase the oxytocin hormone level in the body. This is a feel-good hormone. It also leads to lower cortisol production. This hormone induces stress in the body. ] Dogs reduce blood pressure, This is essential for all ages, and it is found that the presence of a dog lowers blood pressure brought by mental stress. A good snuggle with your dog works wonders for your body. It helps that dogs help in ceasing social isolation. A dog helps the sense of belonging.

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