How to Make Your Dog Ride Pillion


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You love your bike. You love your dog too. There are times when you sincerely wished to combine your two loves. When you ride, you cannot take your dog. When you play with your dog, the bike is out of the picture. This does not mean your two loves must be mutually exclusive. It is quite possible to take your dog with you when riding. This is especially applicable if your dog is of small size. Many bike manufacturers sell bike specific pet carriers. These are designed to be strapped on the tank or seat of that bike. These kits vary from soft-sided carriers to hard plastic kennels complete with interior padding and tie-down points. They are stylish too.

Pet seat

If you are not keen to buy a pet carrier, why not get a pet seat? The normal pillion seat of the bike is replaced with such kind of seat. You need only to harness the pet to its seat. You and your dog can then enjoy the unmatchable open-air experience only a bike can give. Both your hair and its fur will flutter in the wind as the landscape zooms past. You can make a custom pet seat for added comfort. Most bike owners opt for plywood, leather, and foam. If the dog is larger, there continues to be a number of options. Buy a pet harness for your canine companion. It will tether it tightly to you. This will work if your dog is of calm temperament and tolerates you. A standard pet harness has a carrying capacity of 75lbs. A good pet harness is an ergonomic one, with the premium ones made with hand-tooled leather. Pricier ones come with a harness system and shearing carrier. It will position the animal directly behind the rider on pillion seat- the single proper place on the bike to seat for both humans and dogs.


You can also buy a sidecar which you can then attach to your bike. The dog can then have enough space to do anything, even curl up and sleep. It will be much better for you too, as you can see your four-legged best friend at all times. If you go for a sidecar or a harness, do not forget stylish accessories for the canine as well. Many companies sell comfortable leather goggles specially made to fit dogs. Even Harley Davidson has jumped into the game, apparel of sale made for pets. Do keep in mind that cars are more suitable for dogs than bikes. Your dog has a greater chance of distracting you when you two ride together. The pet is also at more risk of a crash.

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