How To Keep Your Pooch Happy When He Is Home Alone


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Most dog owners know that the most difficult part of their day is when they have to leave their precious fur kids alone at home. Leaving your dog alone at home can be worrying for both you and your dog. Dogs are not exactly very good when it comes to spending time away from their owners and tend to get very anxious and restless. In most cases however, leaving your dog alone at home is inevitable and the best you can do is to ensure that your dog stays safe and does not get into any trouble when you are gone.Since dogs have a high tendency of getting anxious and stressed when they are alone, here are a few tips to ensure that your dog stays happy when he is alone.

Tackle the anxiety of being left alone

If your dog tends to get very restless when you are about to step out of the house, then it is important to help your dog deal with the anxiety. This is a gradual process and your dog needs to be eased into it. Start by leaving your dog alone in a room for a couple of minutes. Do this every day and each time increase the time they spend alone. Continue doing this until you are able to leave home without your dog getting overly anxious.

Get them some interesting games

All dogs love a good challenge but it is difficult to come up with interesting games since dogs are easily bored. A perfect solution is to buy one of those food dispensing toys in the market. These food dispensing toys allow you to hide dog treats and snacks in the most ingenious way possible. In order to get the treat, your dog has to solve a puzzle in the toy. Not only will this keep your dog busy, but it will also stimulate him intellectually.

Get them exhausted

One of the best ways to reduce your dog's anxiety when left alone is to tire them out completely. Get your dog out on a long walk before you have to leave home. Get them running and exhausted. This way once they are home, they will flop down on their beds. Also, some amount of vigorous exercise makes all the difference in the world and keeps your dog healthy and happy. Exercise can also reduce stress and anxiety levels and keep your dog calmer when left alone.

Help them feel safe

Pets tend to feel vulnerable and scared when they are separated from their owners and left alone. A good way to reduce such feelings is to make sure that your pets feel safe. Before leaving, make sure that your pets are in a place where they feel comfortable. Their safe place. Leave out their favorite toys, clothes, and beds and if possible have someone come in and check on them at times.

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