How To Keep Your Cat Happy While Youโ€™re Away

How To Keep Your Cat Happy While Youโ€™re Away

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A bored cat is an unhappy cat. Like all living things, cats have separation issues. They develop strong attachments to their humans and will probably feel nervous and on the edge when theyโ€™re home alone. If youโ€™re the only one interacting with your kitty, then she/he will have intense separation issues. The key is to occupy his/her mind by creating a fun environment. There are many ways of doing this.

Cardboard Boxes

Whenever you bring home something in a cardboard box, save the box for your kitty to play with. All cats love boxes. Cats can turn a simple cardboard box into a scratching post, a sled, a play fort, and a napping spot, giving them, hours of fun. To add an extra kick, cut cat-sized holes in the sides of one or two boxes to entertain them even further. Make sure that you make the holes large enough for your kitty to fit through easily.

Get A Buddy

If your cat is the sole pet in your family, then itโ€™s only natural for him/her to feel lonely when youโ€™re gone. Consider adopting another cat to lessen the kitty's boredom. Although this brings a lot of tension at first, it will be worth the effort in the end. When there are two cats instead of one, playtime will get more adventurous and new games will be invented. Just like how we feel better when we have a friend around, itโ€™s the same with cats.

Puzzles And Snacks

Cats love puzzles. Puzzles stimulate your catโ€™s brain and can give them something to work on for hours. An occupied cat is a happy cat. There are treat puzzles that have a hidden surprise in them, that can only be unlocked when your cat figures out the right way to undo the latch. These treat puzzles can be found easily in pet supply shops everywhere.

Cat Television

Make sure you have windows looking out into the streets where your cat can watch life go by. Cats love watching daily events from a safe distance. If your windows are blocked by furniture or they donโ€™t look out into a calming scene, consider buying cat DVDs. Find one your cat likes and leave it on when you go to work.

Soothing Sounds

Music has the ability to soothe a raging soul. Find the types of music that your cat responds to the most and play it quietly on your home stereo while youโ€™re away. Music will keep your kitty calm. When in doubt, pick classical. You can never go wrong with calming piano and string music. Donโ€™t deviate to louder classical music which makes use of drums and trumpets (unless thatโ€™s what your cat is into).Keeping your cat happy has a lot to do with preventing boredom. By keeping them occupied, and providing them with a calm environment, youโ€™re already halfway there. They will do the rest.

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