Did Your Feline Catch a Cold? Here are a Few Remedies

Did Your Feline Catch a Cold? Here are a Few Remedies

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One thing all cat parents have in common is their love for their cats. The love is universal. Although she may seem distant and cold sometimes, we would still put our lives in danger if it means saving our beloved kitties. It can be a nightmare for both us and our cats when they catch a cold. Above all, we just want to see them get well again. So thereโ€™s bad news and good news to your catโ€™s cold. Good news is that you wonโ€™t be able to catch it because itโ€™s not contagious to humans. The bad news is that your cat seems to catch a cold at the most inconvenient of times. There are various different symptoms responsible for causing a cold.Although it may seem as though it will never end, rest assured, there is always a cure for the common cold. Your cat will be back on all four of her tiny little feet in no time at all. Here are a few home remedies that you could try to ease her discomfort during this truly miserable time.

  1. Put her in a warm and steamy room.Just like in humans, a long steam can do wonders in terms of curing your catโ€™s cold. It helps to clear the congestion in your catโ€™s respiratory and nasal airways and gives her some kind of relief, at least temporarily. The warm steam also helps to project the drainage that might be blocking her throat or nose. It also helps to warm her up, which in turn, calms and relaxes your cat.
  2. Rub some Vickโ€™s VapoRub on her.Yes, this works for cats too! The Vickโ€™s formula is gentle enough to be used on both cats and children. It contains powerful yet gentle menthol which can help clear up her respiratory system and nasal cavities, allowing her to breathe a bit easier.
  3. Keep her well hydrated.Hydration is of utmost importance, especially during a cold. The water helps clear away all the unwanted toxins from her body, while also ensuring that her condition doesnโ€™t get worse.
  4. Warm up her food.Not unlike humans, when theyโ€™re sick, cats also tend to lose their appetite. This can be a bit of a dilemma because, in order to get better, they still need nutrition. Your catโ€™s most likely disinterested in her food bowl because of her congested sinuses. Get out her favorite canned food and warm it a little. This will release some of the scent, making her want to at least try it.
  5. Wipe away all the evidence.Cat colds are very similar to human colds. Their colds also cause discharge. However, unlike humans, she doesnโ€™t have the means to blow her nose. Help her out by carefully removing eye and nasal discharge using cat wipes.

If her condition persists, go to your vet immediately.

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