How to Improve Your Doberman's Skin


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A number of Doberman dog owners face the problem of coat and skin issues with their dog. The coats become thin and dull. A few animals are observed to be constantly scratching their skin or even biting it. Take your Doberman dog to your veterinarian and there is a chance that the medical professional will give your canine an Omega supplement. Many dog owners know this, and they do a preemptive strike on their dogs: they give dog food supposedly enriched with Omega 3.

Biologically available supplements

The reality is different. Most dog foods, although they claim to have Omega-3 as a component, rarely have any kind of fatty acid which are biologically available to canines. The term "biologically available" needs a bit of explanation. When any dog food gets processed, it gets exposed to heat. The Omega fatty acids are quite sensitive when it comes to high heat. It means when you finally pour the food into your Doberman's bowl; the all-important fatty acids are long gone. Other than dry and itchy skin, a diet deficient in Omega-3 also leads to several other problems. The list includes increased time to heal wounds and allergic reaction effects. The immune system function will be decreased, and the dog will suffer painful joints. There will be hair loss and excessive inflammation. Ear infections are common. Excessive itching and hot spots will arise.

Even if your vet suggests an Omega-3 supplement, be sure to know the exact name of the medicine you have to buy, This is as not all Omega-3 supplements are the same. The ingredients which drive fatty acids are essential. One excellent example is that salmon fish is rich in Omega-3s, but the fish is also toxin-rich. This is as salmon is a bigger fish and it eats the smaller fish. If the smaller fish ate from a toxin-rich source, it follows the big predator fish is also rich in toxins (as it eats the smaller fish). Since bigger fish live longer, the amount of toxicity is even more.

The smaller, the merrier

It is thus essential to start with the smaller fishes in the food chain like anchovies. The ideal Omega-3 source should be a smaller fish with short lifespan. The theory is correct in the proof that anchovies are rich in Omega -3 but has a negligible quantity of toxins. Alternatively, you can give your Doberman artificial chewable supplements. These are made from small fishes and provide your Doberman with perfect essential oils balance. These tablets are sold in both small and large, and you can buy them as you please. You will soon observe your Doberman getting its shiny coat back once it chews on the supplements.

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