How to Help Your Cat Overcome the Fear of the Unfamiliar

How to Help Your Cat Overcome the Fear of the Unfamiliar

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Cats love routines. They love the assurance that every day is going to be just like the last. They can be set off by even the tiniest change in living conditions. Finally got the time to throw away a box that had just been lying around? Your cat will notice, and she will not be happy about it. Want to make a change to the arrangement of your furniture? Maybe think about how that will affect your catโ€™s psychological well-being first.Here are a few ways you can try to overcome your catโ€™s fear of the unfamiliar:

  1. Keep her living environment peacefulCertain things just become too much for her to take at some point. If youโ€™re having some people over and youโ€™re playing loud music, or your kids are exploring that new videogame that you got them at full volume, or if your dog is getting closer to her safe spot, it will overwhelm her.
  2. Spend time with her while sheโ€™s hiding.She wonโ€™t need any physical contact. Sheโ€™ll just need affirmation that youโ€™re there for her in the room. So while sheโ€™s hiding out, maybe read or do some knitting in the corner where she can see that youโ€™re there. Try speaking to her in a quiet and smooth voice so that she can be accustomed to and grow comfortable with the sound of your voice.
  3. Lure her outCats love to play. They love mind games and little treats. Itโ€™s very unhealthy for her to be holed up in her hiding spot. Lure her out with some of her favorite games or even a few healthy treats. Give her the affirmation she seeks by speaking to her all the while that youโ€™re feeding her treats.
  4. Slow blinks are key to every cat-human relationshipSlow blinks are when your cat closes her eyes slowly and opens them again, all the while taking her time. Sheโ€™s letting you know that she loves and trusts you when she does this. Return the favor by doing the same. Youโ€™ll immediately see her start to relax. She might even return the gesture.
  5. Try building up her confidence using gamesThe first step is to get her to come out of her hiding spot. Once sheโ€™s out, try interacting with her by engaging her in some interactive yet gentle play.
  6. Give her vertical spaces.Cats love to look down at the world from a high spot. This gives them a sense of power and boosts their confidence. So make sure that you provide her with plenty of vertical places where she can just take a beat and look out at the world around her.
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