How To Give Your Dog A Proper Bath

How To Give Your Dog A Proper Bath

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Giving your dog a bath is not exactly the easiest thing to do. Our naughty canines often love staying dirty and may do anything to stay away from a wash! But as baths are essential to maintaining the Fidoโ€™s health as well as ours, we have to find ways to coax him into it. Here is how to give your dog a proper doggie bath:

Make it fun

Training during puppy days will help Fido used to a bath. Make bath time a positive experience. Familiarize the pup with the bath area and spend time together there much before giving him a wash. Offer words of affection, toys and treats as rewards for coming to the area when called and also when he cooperates with you during a bath. Talk in a soothing and loving voice as you wash him.

Safety first

If your dog has matted or tangled hair, brush it out before the bath. Clip his nails so that he doesnโ€™t accidentally scratch you if he panics. Bath tubs can be pretty slippery and can make your pet pooch uncomfortable. Hold him while he gets his bath so that he feels safe and steady or have someone else whom he trusts do it for you. The water should be comfortably warm. Choose a mild dog soap or shampoo that wonโ€™t irritate or dry out your dogโ€™s skin or strip his coat of essential oils that keep his fur soft and shiny.Fidoโ€™s eyes and ears are delicate. So protect them while he is washed down. Spilling water into the ear canals is an absolute no-no as it is the fastest way to a nasty infection. If possible, put cotton balls in his ear to prevent this and be extremely careful while washing the head. Another potential problem is shampoo getting into his eyes. To avoid this, do not lather the shampoo anywhere near the eyes.

Rinse right

Before applying soap or shampoo, make sure that your dog is soaked through. Lather well and after remove all traces of it by rinsing Fido thoroughly from neck down to the legs. Do not pour water directly over his head. It is best to wipe his face and head with a soft damp cloth. But if it is necessary to wash his head do this gently after tilting his chin up. This way all the water will drain down backwards over the neck.

Dry right

Though effective, blow driers can scare your pet or if too hot, it can hurt him. Another way to get him dry is to use an absorbent towel. To avoid tangles, make sure to just pat dry and not rub it in. Remove the cotton ear plugs and clean the ears well.

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