How to Convince Your Boss To Allow Your Dog at Work?

How to Convince Your Boss To Allow Your Dog at Work?

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If you love your dog, you would hate to leave it alone at home. After all who likes to think of a lonely creature locked up inside the house, while you go through the day's drudgery? The only solution for this is to get your pooch to work. But will your boss allow you to get him to work? Sadly, most bosses blatantly say a piercing no.Many workplaces have considered keeping pets as a stress-buster for employees, but if you are unfortunately not a part of such a workplace, then perhaps you can try convincing your boss about this good idea. As a matter of fact, there is no reason why having a friendly and well-behaved dog in your workplace a bad idea. You should however train your dogs and run a trial before making it a full-fledged part of your work culture.

Arguments for the decision

You can try the following arguments to convince your boss for allowing your dog at work:

  • Your dog will increase businessHaving a dog at your workplace, for example a store, can attract a number of customers. Businesses that work directly with consumers can find it advantageous when their employees bring their pooch to work because customers come to pet and play with the dog and likely to stay longer there longer to shop.
  • Your dog will be a stress-busterWork piles increase employee stress. Playing with the dog as a brief break from work can greatly reduce stress levels of employees. Relaxed brain think and work better, as a result of which employee productivity and efficiency increases. This is perhaps the best argument you can present to your boss.
  • Your dog will nurture healthy habits at workFirst and foremost, having a dog at work will reduce the number of smoke breaks you take during the day. Instead of flying into the smoking room or office basement, you can walk your dog around the office. This will stretch your legs and snap you out of your sedentary work-life, thus making you a healthier employee.
  • Your dog can identify personality traitsDogs are loyal animals that follow their master. A trustworthy and amiable dog reflects the same personality traits of the master. Thus it becomes a strong argument for allowing dogs at work because it can identify the traits of employees.
  • Your dog can popularize the company on social mediaInstead of uploading a selfie of yourself with a hackneyed hashtags, you can try the same with your dog in your office. This can popularize the company on social media, and make it count among few workplaces that allow pets for employee well-being.
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