How to Create a Pet-Friendly Office?


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Pets are family, and workspaces that allow pets to come to work with their owners are becoming more and more normal. Most people have hectic lifestyles today, and when they also have to worry about what their pet is doing at home, it created space for distractions. Pets also make awesome additions to working environments in that they create a space where the work unit can operate together as a family.

 In order to create a workspace environment that properly performs at full efficiency, along with the added benefit of loving pets in the office, certain rules have to be put in place first.

What should you consider before laying down the ground rules regarding bringing pets to work?

The first thing you need to decide upon is what kind of pets you want to allow in the workspace. While most companies allow dogs, you need to think carefully before you allow other animals in as well. Are cats also allowed? And if so, can you manage to give them a separate space for themselves in case a dog becomes either too friendly or aggressive? Would you also consider allowing small reptiles, or guinea pigs, amongst other kinds of pets. In order to avoid such situations, most company policies allow one or two kinds of animals that can be brought in as pets.

You should have designated as well as dedicated areas for pets in the office. Some of these spaces can also be near their owners, but while making room for pets, you also have to accommodate potential employees who may not like animals. This can be done by dedicating only certain areas of the office, which ideally should be enough for the pet or pets to feel free in. That way, those who do not want to interact with the pets will know which spaces they should avoid.

What are the basic parameters a pet should meet in order to be allowed in the office?

These mostly consist of basic requirements that all pet owners should follow. They include:

  • Pets should be vaccinated, and their vaccinations should be up to date
  • Pets should not have fleas and should be regularly checked by owners to ensure they don't have fleas that can possibly spread in the office
  • Pets should be house trained
  • Pets should not be too aggressive towards other humans.

You should also consider the maximum number of pets that can be allowed in the office in a day. If too many animals crowd the office, that can also pose a problem at work. Should you find that there are more employees wanting to bring in pets than you can accommodate in a day, you can allow for pets to be brought in on alternate or on specific days instead.

What are the basic necessities you must invest in before you allow pets at work?

Before allowing pets into the office, you have to invest in certain things that can make their time at the office, as well as yours, better.

  • You should ensure that there are enough water bowls in all the dedicated pet areas in your office
  • They should be a regular supply of food and snacks for the pets in the office as well
  • Ideally you should consult with a veterinarian regarding the basic medications you should have in the office, in case an animal falls sick at work
  • You should also consider having a dedicated veterinarian, or a veterinarian that is aware of your pet policy, so that they can be reached in case there is an emergency
  • Remember to keep any and all toxic or poisonous substances away from where an animal can reach them
  • Certain plants are toxic to animals as well, make sure to do your research on what plants you have in the office, in case it is one that can cause a bad reaction with a pet

You can also expect that an animal may want to go outside to either urinate or defecate, so making provisions for pet scoops and disposable packages will also help you. All of these can be obtained from our store. We have available all the equipment you may need to build a pet-friendly office environment. Aside from the basic necessities, pets also enjoy playing with toys or chewing on snacks. Stop by our store for everything you could need to make your office space pet-friendly and amazing. Pets make a great addition to the workplace. As long you take the necessary steps towards ensuring that any animals brought into your office will both be welcome and have a pleasant time, then those steps will make a huge difference.

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