How To Care For Your Pet During An Extended Power Outage

How To Care For Your Pet During An Extended Power Outage

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An extended power outage poses a threat for many since most of the modern-day facilities run on electricity. It not only affects humans but animals too. In extreme weather conditions, electricity is used to power heaters and air-conditioners. Even though animals have a way of finding their area of comfort, extreme weather conditions are dangerous for pets. Here are some ways in which you can care for your pet during an extended power outage.

Store food

Power outage for a day can be tolerated but when it extends to more than 24 hrs. one of worst problems is that of food. Everyone has food stored but most of them will be in the freezer. Without electricity, chances are high that they wonโ€™t be of much use. It is important to store food that can last for a long time without the freezer. Luckily, pet foods donโ€™t need refrigeration and can be used as such. Make sure you have enough stored.

Keep warm/cool

During a power outage, youโ€™ll want to keep yourself and your pet warm/cool during the period. Make sure you have enough blankets to keep warm. If itโ€™s hot outside, then keep a shady area ready where you can easily shift. The basement is the best place.

Be active

In extreme cold conditions make sure your pets are active to keep the blood flowing. It will also keep them warm and away from getting frost bites. Activity can include walking, running, exercise or games. Activity with your pet will also ensure that you stay warm as well. However, if itโ€™s warm, make sure your pet drinks enough fluids to stay hydrated as well.

Oxygen backup

This goes for aquariums and fish owners. A power outage means a loss of oxygen as well. You can use a battery-operated power supply or a generator or even an UPS. Make sure you have enough power to supply oxygen for a week. Usually an extended power outage will be notified to you before it happens so, you have enough to prepare yourself.


Power outages not only affects hums but it also affects pets as well. However, there are many ways in which you can protect your pet from extended power outages. Remember to store enough food and water to last over a week. Keep your pets active, especially if they are cats or dogs, through exercise and games. Keep warm blankets and a shady place ready during emergency. If you have pet fish, then make sure to keep a back-up of oxygen supply ready. Youโ€™ll get time to prepare for extended power outages so, make the best of the resources available.

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