How To Build A Cat Tree At Home

How To Build A Cat Tree At Home

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Cats are curious creatures to say the least. They love exploring and yet they get distracted by the littlest of things. We love them to bits though. Sometimes we feel like they are holding us hostage with their cuteness and overall level of adorableness but we donโ€™t mind, anything for our cuddly kittens. Itโ€™s important that we keep our cats occupied so they donโ€™t get depressed. Cat depression is a very real and very serious thing.As most of us cat parents have work to attend to, we are not always sufficient to keep our kitties busy. So instead, why not build them something that will keep them busy and occupied while weโ€™re away? Why not build them a cat tree? Most cats love to climb trees and it can be hours of jolly good fun for them. Especially while you are away, they wonโ€™t even see the time go by! Hereโ€™s how you can build a homemade cat tree:

What Will You Need?

PlywoodA drill and some screwsNails and a hammerElectric staplerHandsawUtility knife or carpetWood glue

  1. Cut all the materials to exact proportionsMake a guide first with the design you have in mind and the measurements you take from the location you plan on building the cat tree in. With those measurements in mind, cut the lumbar and the plywood to size. Sand the edges if need be.
  2. Build the BaseMake the base thick and then cover it in carpet.
  3. Attach vertical supports to base.The vertical support will be whatโ€™s holding up the rest of your platforms so make sure you use strong and sturdy wood for this part. You can attach them using wood glue, nails, bolts, or screws. You could even cover the supports with carpet before attaching the platforms so it looks and feels better.
  4. Attach the horizontal platforms or perches to the supports.You can either attach those using screws or just would glue. The method you use depends on your convenience and the make and design of your cat tree. Wrap them in carpet or other fabric to cover up the screws โ€“ if youโ€™ve used any.
  5. Go ahead and complete your design.Youโ€™ve now laid the ground work and everything is almost perfect. But youโ€™ve surely added something extra special just for your cat. Refer back to your guide for measurements and design details and continue building until youโ€™re satisfied with your final product. Donโ€™t hesitate to make adjustments to your cat tree if there are any stability issues, incorrect measurements, or even new ideas. Make it your own โ€“ you know your cat better than anyone else so youโ€™ll know what sheโ€™ll enjoy and what she wouldnโ€™t.
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