What does a catโ€™s tail positions mean?


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Cats are fascinating creatures that can be exceptionally hard to read, even by their masters. While pet dogs are much more expressive by their very nature, cats can be very difficult to interpret due to their cold and often nonchalant demeanour. However, there are certain ways in which cats do convey their emotions, such as through the position and movements of their tails. Here is a list of the different types of cat tail positions and what they actually mean.

Upright, held high in the air

If your cat is holding its tails straight up in the air pointing towards to sky, it usually indicates that the pet is content and happy. This tail position usually occurs when the cat is feeling happy, confident and safe such as during play times while getting treats or meeting its owner.

Small hook or curvature at the top

If your cat puts its tail in a hooked or curved position (like a question mark), it might be indicative of the fact that it is feeling insecure or uncertain. However, if the tail is raised up high in the air with a small curve at the tip, it implies that your cat is feeling playful and friendly. As such, if you witness your catโ€™s tail in this position, you might want to take a quick break from your work and have some fun playtime with it.

Straight/horizontal down on the floor

A low-lying tail might be a sign that your cat is feeling agitated or aggressive about something. If you notice this tail position, you might want to leave your cat alone and avoid making an effort of appeasing it by petting and so on. You might be greeted with bites or scratches if you try neutralising your cat in this situation.

Tucked or curved beneath the body

When a cat is feeling submissive or nervous, it typically curls up its tail beneath its body or tucks it between its legs. This is a tell-tale sign of the fact that your little kitty might be feeling afraid, guilty or stressed about something around her. Your feline friend might be upset about s stressful situation and trying to project itself as s submissive creative would in a threat situation.

Bristled or puffed up

A classic sign of fright in the feline world, a puffed up or bristled tail is an unmistakable sign that a cat is feeling excessively scared about a potential attacker and is trying to bristle its fur in a bid to appear larger than the threat. It is best to give your cat some breathing space; otherwise, it will most certainly attack you.Understanding your catโ€™s non-verbal expressions will help you in better handling her emotional ups and down while respecting her need for space in certain situations.

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