How to Brush Your Cat's Fur?

How to Brush Your Cat's Fur?

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A cat's fur grows in stages. From growing rapidly to slow growth and then a rest, a cat's fur will periodically get replaced by a fresh crop layer. So, before you brush your cat's fur, you need to understand that brushing is a great way to remove the hair that has died and fallen on the skin. It is a good idea to brush your cat's fur because doing so allows you to remove dead fur easily and, at the same time, ensures that you do not have to worry about it falling on the floor, couch or get stuck as a hardball in the cat's mouth.

If you own a pet cat, then its fur will probably shed throughout the year. Here is a look at how best to brush your catโ€™s fur.

First Steps

Before you brush its hair, keep in mind that cats have different kinds of coats, and so, you have tomato sure that you only use the method that best fits with your cat's fur type. Also, before you start brushing, make sure your cat is in a relaxed mood. Once it is ready, first brush the fur in the opposite direction to the hair growth. Next, reverse direction and brush along the direction of its fur growth. By brushing against the direction of the fur growth, it becomes very easy to remove dead hair.

Avoiding hair clumps and knots

After a few strokes, remove unwanted fur from the brush so that no hair clumps or knots remain. Once you have completely brushed the catโ€™s fur, use a soft chamois to clean its fur. Doing so ensures that you can quickly remove all the dead fur. Also, it gives the catโ€™s fur a nice sheen.

Dealing With Matted Fur

If you own a Burmese cat or a Siamese twin or if you own a cat with a very close coat, then there is no need to do anything more. Make sure that your grooming routines are regular, but if for some reason, the routine goes awry, you will have trouble if your cat's fur becomes matted. This is something that you do not want happening. If the fur does get knotted, then please do not try and cut the hair with a pair of scissors because this may result in an injury to the cat. Instead, you must get rid of the matted fair with the help of a Greyhound comb.

A few simple Do's and Don'ts

There are a few other things to keep in mind. For example, if your cat becomes restless or starts to struggle, then immediately stop the brushing until it becomes calm and composed once more. Also, do not succumb to the temptation of tugging at the matted fur. The right way to get rid of matted fur is with a gentle picking-action with your brush. If there are too much-matted fur, then you will need to take professional help to remove them. Now that you know how to brush your cat's fur go ahead and buy the right grooming kit and start brushing, knowing that things are actually quite easy.

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