Planning a Trip? 3 Tips to Keep the Car Hair-Free

Planning a Trip? 3 Tips to Keep the Car Hair-Free

Oh, the joys of a warm weather road trip with your dog! That excited head hanging out the window, that wind-ruffled fur...oh, and hair coating the upholstery of the carโ€™s back seat.For your next trip with your pup, try these preventative tips to help keep the back seat hair-free.

1. Give a Thorough Brushing

First, thoroughly brush and groom your dog before she bounds into the car. Less loose hair on her means youโ€™re less likely to have tumbleweeds of dog hair rolling through the carโ€™s backseat. (Or, check out our list of

essential products that'll help cut down on shedding.)RELATED STORY: A Guide to Buying a Dog Brush

2. Protect Your Upholstery

Next, cover the upholstery where the dog will be sitting; if your dog tends to check out the views from both windows, cover the entire back area of the car. You can use sheets, towels, or blankets to do this -- just make sure to only use linens that you donโ€™t care about. Backseat hammocks and covers are also available for purchase. Smaller dogs can be kept in a crate, which of course will reduce contact between fur and the upholstery.RELATED STORY:ย Best Dogs to Travel With

3. Damage Control

Finally, after your trip, take a peek into the back seat to assess the conditions. If necessary, run the vacuum cleaner and lint brush around, removing any hair. As with more chores, doing this regularly is easier than waiting until for several months, when lots of hair is bound to have accumulated.โ€”How do you keep your car (or furniture!) pet-hair free? Leave a comment and let us know, and consider signing up forย PetPlus

ย to save on your petโ€™s medications, supplies, boarding, and more.ย 

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