How to Bond With Your Senior Cat?


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With so many abandoned senior cats looking for a home across the country, you have plenty of opportunities to bring an adult cat into your life. The best part about getting a senior cat is that you know what you are getting into as their personalities are well-developed. But thereโ€™s still a bit of bonding you need to do when you bring a senior cat home. After all, he might have gone through a lot and his lifelong routine is going to get disrupted. It will take time for him to get adjusted to the changes. Here are a few tips to ease the process of bonding:

  1. Give him ample space and time โ€“ Just like you would give a new kitten his space, you need to give senior cats their distance too. Let him come to you when he is ready. Do not force yourself upon him. If you want to interact with your cat but he does not seem to be in the mood for it, just give him time to adjust to the new environment and people. Eventually, he will come around, especially if he gets his space and if you are gentle, patient and understanding.
  2. Develop trust โ€“ Once he has learnt to trust you, he will bond easily with you. Show him that you care about him by giving him a warm bed to lie down on, a scratching post and plenty of yummy treats. Donโ€™t just leave the food out for him to much on as he likes. Make sure that he understands that you are the provider. That will reinforce his trust in you and also prevent him from becoming overweight, which is especially crucial in adult cats as obese cats are prone to arthritis. Pet him gently, talk to him in a soothing and reassuring voice, and give him toys to play with. All of these small steps will eventually add up and prove to him that he is in a safe place, surrounded by people who love him.
  3. A hiding place and a room โ€“ Adopted cats take time to adjust to their new homes and a lot of them end up hiding as they are afraid of the new sights and smells in the unfamiliar environment that they find themselves in. Provide your cat with a hiding place that he can call his own, like a cardboard box with a cat bed. A box will make your cat feel safe and secure and his scent will eventually over the inside of the box so that he can claim his own territory. Place the box in a room where your cat can stay while he adjusts. Ensure that the room has water and food bowls on one side and a litter box on the other, apart from scratching posts and other such objects that will make him feel at home. Once he becomes comfortable in the small room, you can let him explore the rest of the house.
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