How to Bond With Your Cat

How to Bond With Your Cat

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Cats take time to grow accustomed to new places. You can set up a cozy bedding and pamper them with treats all you want, but that is not the only way to win them over. Hereโ€™s a look at some ways you can start a deep meaningful relationship with your cat.

Give them space

Giving your cat her space is one of the best ways to start bonding with them. Cats are solitary creatures that enjoy the peace and quiet of their own company. Of course, not all cats are this way; weโ€™ve known quite a few kittens who absolutely love to socialize. What you want to do is to wait for your cat to come up to you and start an interaction. Give your cat some space so she can withdraw to her safe corner when she wants, and you do not overwhelm her with affection or attention when it is unasked. Make sure your cat has her food and


in her safe corner so she feels at home.

Share the scent

If you want your new cat to get accustomed to you, familiarizing her with your scent is a good place to start. Just how we told you to exchange the toys of two new cats in a household so they grow familiar to each otherโ€™s scent, the same can be done to foster a bond between cats and humans too. Rub your catโ€™s food or


in your hands before you give it to her. This way she will associate your scent with something positive.TalkDo not be afraid to talk to your cat, they absolutely love it, especially when they are spoken to in a soft and gentle voice. Be sure to use your catโ€™s name from time to time, so they grow accustomed to it. You cat may not show any response to your banter, but that does not mean that she is not listening. It is a good way for her to grow used to your voice.


Cats enjoy a good cuddle, but not always. You want to wait till your cat approaches you for a cuddle. She will come up to you and rub the sides of her face against or rub her head against your palm. Your cat may not take it well if you chase her down randomly to cuddle, she will probably panic and flee. Cats love being stroked near their chin and the sides of the head. If your cat rolls over her back or has her eyes partially closed, then it means that she is enjoying the affection. If all goes well, your cat may even let you stroke her belly!

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