How to Best Enjoy the Outdoors With Your Pooches?


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The outdoors provide a rich environment for dogs to exercise & play. Infact, playing out in the open helps preserve the dogโ€™s physical and mental health. Dog owners too are equally fond of accompanying their pets outside on a walk/run. They want nothing more than to have their furry friends by their side at all times, even when they go for a camping trip or to a trek somewhere. However, the outdoors can get challenging for your trusted canines if not looked after properly.

Before you start-
  • Basic Obedience Training is a prerequisite before allowing your dog outdoors. The vastness of the world outside can tempt your pooch to run wild, If it isnโ€™t taught the primary commands to โ€œStayโ€, โ€œComeโ€ & โ€œSitโ€ โ€“ controlling them when outside can prove to be a headache.
  • Be aware of your dogโ€™s fitness level in order to correctly plan outdoor activities. While some dog breeds are made for the outdoors, smaller short-snouted ones tire easily. Young dogs are a bundle of energy but could risk injury to their growing bones in strenuous activities.
  • Pack them a doggy-bag with ample water, treat supplies, plastic poop carriers, extra dog leash, first aid kit and dog tags/collars for identification.
  • Choose a safe spot away from running vehicles, poisonous plants and possible dog pests to ensure your furballโ€™s safety.
Activity Ideas-

A walk in the park is still the old favorite but there are tons of other things you can do with your dog! Once youโ€™ve conditioned your dog for the workout, take him along with you on your next hiking/camping trip.How about including him in your morning run? Not only will you have a companion, you will be doing wonders for your dogโ€™s endurance.You could even plan a day-trip to the cityโ€™s outskirts to explore natureโ€™s bounty with your beloved pet. If your dog can swim, you could both make a trip to the beach or a nearby lake.Take the opportunity to devise new games and indulge in playtime with your canine. Donโ€™t limit yourself to playing โ€œFetchโ€ โ€“ carry a Frisbee to toss back and forth. Hide your petโ€™s treat and ask him to find it from its scent. Incorporate scent tracking into the games to bring in an educational aspect to the sport. The outdoors proves to be a wonderful training ground for your pet if you allow it to be. Follow the above-mentioned precautionary measures and prepare to have a gala time gallivanting outdoors with your four-legged friend.

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