How to Bathe Your Kitten?


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According to folklore,

water and cats do not mix

. But it can be disproved using psychological principles, gaining the trust of your kitten, and not giving up. Follow these steps to get your cat used to baths.

Why bother bathing your cat?

AS with most behavior modification techniques, getting your cat used to bathing goes beyond achieving the goal of cleanliness. Your cat can do without bathing, considering the constant grooming that is a part of his daily life. As a matter of fact, if you have adopted kittens from the same litter, they will clean each other for the rest of their lives and double the clean factor. However, there are many instances when a situation might arise in a cat's life where the owner must touch, poke and prod despite the discomforts or protests of his cat.

Steps to successful cat baths
  1. Get the feet wet โ€“ The first step in the process involves getting the feet wet. Just stand in the water so that all of your cat's paws are submerged in it. Praise and pet him. Give him treats after he has stood in the water for a few minutes without any sign of struggle. Wrap him in a bath towel and cuddle him wit a lot of kisses. If he struggles, do not give him any treats and try again the next time. Don't proceed t the next step till he completes this one successfully.
  2. Time for the rubdown โ€“ The next time you repeat the first step, wet the washcloth and give your cat a nice rubdown. Don't use soap. You need to make sure that your cat loves getting scratched. It is important you maintain eye contact when you are doing this and correct her gently whenever she tries to slink away. Once you are done, dry her with the bath towel. Cuddle him with a lot of kisses. If he still struggles, do not give him any treats and try again the next time. Don't go on to the next step till he successfully completes this step.
  3. Rain on the parade โ€“ Before you give your cat a rubdown with the washcloth, pour water from a small cup to get him thoroughly soaked. When you wet his head, lift his chin with a finger to keep the water from running directly into the eyes. Dry him thoroughly with a bath towel. Wrap him in the other towel and shower him with a lot of kisses. If he struggles, do not give him a treat and try again the next time.
  4. Soap him up โ€“ Before you start, flip the top of the shampoo bottle open and place it out of his reach. Place a little amount of soap on the wet coat and spread it nicely. Make sure that you do not get any in his eyes. Make use of the washcloth to get the soap off his head and rinse the cloth as needed. Rinse off the rest of the body and make sure you dry him with one of the bath towels. If he struggles, don't reward him and try again the next time.
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