How To Avoid Dog Herpes? Canine Herpesvirus Is A Common Cause Of Death

How To Avoid Dog Herpes?

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Canine herpesvirus is one of the most dreaded dog diseases everywhere. This disease is a very common cause of death in pups and pregnant bitches.

Canine herpesvirus is a very common cause of death in pups and pregnant dogs. To help prevent it, you need to be aware of the signs and symptoms as well as ways to the various pet medication to avoid contracting or spreading this virus. 

It can be transmitted by direct contact with infected dogs, but it is not contagious to humans. The virus is considered highly contagious, so it's important that you take good care of your dog if he or she appears to have symptoms of canine herpesviral infection.

You can also avoid allowing your dog to come into contact with other dogs that may be infected. This includes:

  • Avoiding places where dogs gather, such as dog parks, unless you know for sure that your dog has not been exposed to herpes.

  • Avoiding other dogs that may have herpes. If a veterinarian determines that your dog has been exposed to herpes, it will be necessary for them to be quarantined until they no longer have signs of the virus (about one month after exposure). During this period of quarantine, owners should keep their infected pets away from other animals and humans.

  • Avoiding contact with other dogs who are known carriers of HSV-1 or HSV-2 if you do not want your pet infected with either strain of the virus.

Clean Your Dog's Cages And Kennels Regularly

Keep your dog's area and pet supplies clean. Wash your hands before and after handling your dog. You may also want to wear gloves when handling or washing up after the sick dog. Do not let your dog lick people (including yourself), other dogs, or cats.

Do not let other people or animals kiss or cuddle with the infected animal until it has been examined by a veterinarian and found free of infection by Herpes simplex virus type I (HSV-1).

Practice Good Hygiene

Wash your hands with soap and water before you touch your dog, especially after handling other dogs, as they could have herpes. This is especially important if you have a cold or another illness that causes you to have a runny nose or cough; give them cough medicines for dogs if they show signs of cough.

You should also wash your hands after touching any food that's been prepared for baby food, or milk bone dog treats since both of these contain raw meat (which can easily be contaminated by herpes), and the same applies to the laundry if it contains any towels or dog crates used by someone who has had a runny nose recently.

Talk To The Breeder

If you are considering buying a dog from a breeder, ask if the dog has been exposed to other animals that could have infected it. If the breeder says confirms but has still not vaccinated the dog for herpes, do not buy that puppy! You would be exposing yourself to unnecessary risk by taking home an infected animal.

Vaccinate Your Dog

The first step to avoiding dog herpes is to have your dog vaccinated against it. This can be done when they're still a puppy, or dogs can be vaccinated as adults. While it will not prevent the disease from developing, vaccination can reduce the severity of symptoms if given before exposure to the virus.


Herpes is a virus that can be passed on to both dogs and people, as well as other animals. If you have herpes, keeping your pooch away from other animals is important until you are no longer contagious. This includes puppies and adult dogs who have never been vaccinated for herpes.

The best way to avoid herpes in your dog is by taking precautions and getting them vaccinated. If your dog gets the infection, the symptoms can be treated with the right pet meds, and the prognosis is good if caught early enough.

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