How Pets Are Consuming And Processing Parabens


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Most people are blessed to claim a pet as part of their family. We all love our furry little friends and they love us back just as much, sometimes even more. While most of our four-legged friends are raised as household pets, did you know that household pets are the ones that end up having the most diseases in the animal kingdom? There has been much research done about this and scientists have found that this could be because of the parabens that are our pets are exposed to while theyโ€™re in the house.

What are parabens?

Parabens are the preservatives which can be found in pharmaceutical and cosmetic products. They are capable of causing disruption to endocrines in the body. The parabens that are used in animal and human foods are closely monitored by the FDA. The compounds that disrupt endocrine levels in parabens are known to cause neurological, reproductive, and developmental systems.

The study on parabens

Paraben has a lot of negative side effects to the health of our pets. The exposure that our pets get to all the chemicals and unnatural things in an indoor environment is truly worrisome. A recent study, researching 60 pets, and 58 types of different dog and cat foods, showed that all animals had some paraben in their systems. Mainly because of the parabens which are found in commercial pet foods, but also from cosmetic products and pharmaceuticals. All of the pet foods being researched had methyl paraben or MeP in them. The study also found that dry foods contained higher amounts of paraben than wet foods and cat foods contained higher concentrations of paraben than dog foods.Most of the parabens found in the catsโ€™ systems were primarily from their food and diet. Whereas in the case of dogs, although a lot of parabens were found in their food, the majority was found in other sources like pharmaceutical and cosmetic products.Parabens can cause drastic hormonal changes in our pets. By disrupting endocrine levels and their consumption, the parabens also disrupt the way in which our pets develop and grow. Parabens could have many negative impacts on their neurological and physical development.We have to take better care in protecting our pets for their own good. After all, theyโ€™re like a part of our family and anything that harms them, even in the smallest way, should be a concern for us. We can help them out for looking for cleaner pet foods with lesser paraben content in them. Ask your vet for more information about this. He might be able to help you out with a few suggestions as far as paraben-free foods go.

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