How Getting a Dog Affects Your Relationship


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Many a couple take a dog to deepen their relationship commitments. As nurturing an animal result in learning valuable skills. Responsibilities get shared, and couples tend to hone their ability to compromise and communicate more effectively. Teamwork becomes much better. A dog is often viewed as a training wheel for marriage and ultimately children. Studies have shown that couples who have pets are closer and manage stress better.

Loves and challenges

Although there are a lot of positive reasons to own a dog, there could be some challenges too. It is essential that both members of a couple take a long and sensible look as to how this addition to the family could affect the relationship. A dog changes lives. It brings extra pressure and responsibility on the couple. It is important that both the husband and the wife are on the same page before taking the plunge.

Do remember that having a pet means reduced free time. You cannot sleep all day long during weekends and cuddle each other. Say goodbye to all relaxation activities when you adopt a puppy. You must walk the dog every day, without fail. It means waking up early. Puppies demand a lot of supervision and attention. Prepare to make sacrifices to your active social life. Your work schedule could be hampered as well. Be ready to stay at home instead of visiting the pub or the dance party.

Exercise and responsibility

The most significant benefit of having a puppy is that you get a lot more exercise. You will be in much better health than before. Many studies have shown that dog owners walk more compared to their dog-less times. Getting more exercise means you reduce your stress and improve the health of our heart. Walking also deepens the bonding with your partner. Healthy activities assist the relationship to develop and improves quality of life. Playing with the puppy is also good for the soul.

Both of you gets to be more responsible when you bring home a puppy. You communicate more with your other half as both of you are responsible for the well-being of your pet. When you care for the animal, your partner knows for sure that you can handle more significant responsibilities later in life. Nobody wants to be the only one who takes all the responsibility in a relationship. Caring for the animal takes team effort. If you and your partner face problems in this context, draw up a chore calendar and follow it. Having a pet could be expensive and make sure that you and your partner earn enough to care for a dog. The total cost goes beyond food. The puppy will need shots and must be neutered or spayed. There could be substantial hidden costs too, like veterinary bills.

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