How Do You Keep Flies Off your Dog

How Do You Keep Flies Off your Dog

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Do not allow your furry companion be a victim to flies. Exposure to areas having a high concentration of flies could leave it vulnerable to attacks which frequently lead to the skin being broken and may lead to infection. A fly free dog is a healthy and happy one.Flies are much more than simply annoying. They can be a genuine risk to health for your dog. The attack of the flies will be concentrated towards the face and ears of the dog. These areas are particularly vulnerable as the animal is less capable to defend itself in such areas. The consequent damaged and broken skin attracts a greater number of flies which comes to ingest on the blood meal. The result is more irritation for the dog. Even if your dog is non-allergic to the fly bites, a few flies could utilize damaged skin for laying eggs. These later hatch and turn to maggots. A breeding ground for infection is thus created.

Controlling flies the environmental way

To keep the flies away, make it as much unappealing as possible. Do remember that flies are at their most active state during daylight hours. They are particularly active in hot weather. Try to keep your dog indoors. It that is an impossible task, then keep the yard clean and fresh all times. Any waste products or food leftovers will attract flies and they will invariably come for your dog. To prevent such an occurrence, wash out the dish used by the dog post its feed and also pick up its faeces multiple times a day. This will enable you to maintain a better sanitary space which is much less appealing to the flies. Another unconventional method is to hang a bag full of clear water with a few copper pennies in it. It is found to be an effective method for combating the fly menace.

Good nutrition

Give your dog a premium quality diet of excellent

nutritionally balanced

meals. Healthy and strong animals are much less appealing to the flies compared to the weak and ailing ones. Ensure that your dog gets all the required nutrients to keep it healthy and strong. This will keep it protected from the fly danger.

Essential oils

You can prepare a home made fly repellent. This can be prepared from essential oils. A few essential oils have fly repelling properties.

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