How Can I Make My Baby and Dog Bond With Each Other?

How Can I Make My Baby and Dog Bond With Each Other?

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Having a baby is one of the best things that can happen to anyoneโ€™s life. However, if you have a canine around, you might be a little anxious to introduce your little one to it. Even though it can be challenging for your baby and canine to bond with each other, it is worth the effort. Canines or pets, in general, have a positive effect on your overall emotional and physical health. When you are bringing your baby back home, a new member is joining your pack.

How to introduce your baby to your dog?

Before you bring your baby home, you need to make your canine familiar with its smell. Take any article that has the babyโ€™s scent on it such as its clothing or a blanket or even its soiled diaper. When your baby is about to come home, the mom should go in first and greet the dog. After your canine has settled down, you can begin introducing your newborn with these instructions.

  • Keep your dog away while the mom sits on a chair with the baby on her lap. By doing this, you are showing your canine that you are protective of the newborn. It will prevent your canine from nipping your baby.
  • You should never place your baby on the floor. You shouldnโ€™t hold your newborn over the head of the canine as it encourages jumping.
  • Keep talking, stroking and petting your dog so that it feels calm and reassured.
  • If your canine doesnโ€™t show any signs of aggression such as growling, tucking in the tail, or the ears point back, you can allow it to see and smell your newborn. However, do not let it lick your baby as it is unsanitary.
  • Keep your canine on a leash and be ready to pull it back if there are any hints of aggression. If your canine gets aggressive, you should say no and get it to back down. If it doesnโ€™t do anything, give your dog a reward.
  • Even if everything went well, you have to keep your canine on a leash every time it is around the newborn for the first three weeks.
Forging the bond

If everything has gone well after three weeks, you can follow these instructions to form a strong bond between the newborn and the canine.

  • Include your four-legged friend in all the activities you do during the day. Allow your canine to follow your around the house and when you are taking care of the newborn.
  • Give your canine all the attention it wants when you are with your baby. When you are feeding your newborn, give a small treat to your canine.
  • Always keep an eye on your canine till it is completely comfortable with your newborn.

By following this advice, you will be able to forge a strong bond between the canine and the newborn. If you have any queries, leave a comment below.

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