Is Your Cat Having A Baby? Hereโ€™s How To Prepare Her For It


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So, your cat is pregnant and is about to pop out some seriously cute kittens. You may be excited at the prospect of a bunch of adorable kittens running around the house, but do you know what to do to make sure your cat can safely deliver her kittens?Pregnancy in cats, as is the case with humans, is a sensitive experience and should be treated as such. So, as the owner, it is your responsibility to make sure that you prepare your cat for the new arrivals. Here are some tips to keep in mind when taking care of cat expecting kittens.

  • Set up a nesting areaThe most important thing to keep ready pre-delivery is a nesting area for your cat. She needs to have a private, enclosed space that is both safe and comfortable, to have the kittens. If not, most cats tend to deliver in the most inconvenient of spaces.Use a box, one with a cover and no rough edges. You can place old towels or newspapers (just make sure it is something you are willing to throw out) on the flooring to make it more comfortable and at the same time, functional. Place the nesting box in a quiet area where your cat and her kittens will feel safe.
  • Keep a box of emergency equipment readyYou will most likely need a few tools after the delivery, so make sure you have them ready. Remember to include a suture removal set for cutting the umbilical cords, non-waxed dental floss in case you have to tie the cord, gauze pads, scissors, disposable gloves in case you need to handle the new born kittens and an anti-septic solution. These are just the basics that must be in your emergency equipment box. You can add other tools as per your need.
  • Make sure you feed your cat healthy, nutritious foodWhile your cat is pregnant, and even after delivery, it is crucial that she eats regularly and healthily. She is eating not just for herself, but for her small ones. Feed her high-quality cat food daily to make sure she receives all the nutrition she can get. Avoid feeding her fish since this can lead to several health complications and allergic reactions. Also, make sure that your cat is always properly hydrated at all times.
  • Make sure you are mentally prepared yourselfLast but not the least, you need to make sure that you yourself are ready to help your cat and support her through her pregnancy and after. The most important thing is that you must stay calm and collected. There is no need to stress out and panic, especially during the birth. Your cat can easily sense it and this will only make the process difficult for her.
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