How Can I Introduce a New Dog to My Resident Dog?

How Can I Introduce a New Dog to My Resident Dog?

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Introducing a new dog to your resident dog can be a challenging task as it is extremely stressful to your pet. But why exactly is it hard to do so? When a new canine enters your dogโ€™s territory, the instinct of your dog will make it defend its home. To properly introduce two new dogs, you need to realize that canines use smells to familiarize with their surroundings. Therefore, this training bases itself on this premise. Before you introduce a new canine to your resident dog, you need to keep both of them away from visual contact.Once you have established that, here are four simple steps to introduce both the canines.

  1. Place the cages in separate areas of the houseYou need to place your canines in cages that are in different parts of the room. The first step is to familiarize your canineโ€™s nose to the new dogโ€™s scent. To do this, you need to introduce a blanket, a toy, or anything else that will smell of the new canine to your resident dog. Keep swapping the items till your canines form a deeper connection with each other.
  2. Let your new canine roam the houseTo make sure your new canine is accustomed to its new house, you need to let it roam around your house. While the new canine is doing this activity, you need to keep your resident dog out of sight and under control. You need to send the new canine out on a regular basis till it becomes familiar with your house.
  3. Switch between your caninesWhen you new canine has gone back to its cage, let your resident dog come out for a whiff. It will immediately sniff around as there is a new scent in its territory. Initially, your dog will be confused and overwhelmed. Comfort your dog till becomes okay with the new canineโ€™s smell. To ensure your canine is completely familiar with your new canineโ€™s scent, you need to let it out several times a day. You can proceed to the next step when your dog is no longer threatened by the new smell.
  4. Introduce outside your property for the first face-to-face meetingWhen your canines are going to meet for the first time, they need to have ample space around them to prevent them from being territorial. Let your new canine play in a new area on the field and then get your resident dog to do the same. Once your resident dog is okay with the new canineโ€™s smell, they are ready to meet. Your canines will greet each other when they meet face-to-face for the first time without aggression.

By following these simple steps, you will be able to introduce a new dog to your resident dog. If you have any queries regarding this topic, leave a comment below.

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