How and How Much Should You Pamper Your Dog?


Image Source: Pixabay.comDogs deserve some pampering, but not too much

Your fluffy, cute little pet dog is perhaps the apple of your eye. Everything about itโ€”the way it sleeps, the way it runs around, and the way it cuddlesโ€”is so heart-melting that you canโ€™t help but spoil it a little. After all, your fluffy friend is always there with you through thick and thin. No matter how low or sad you are, a glimpse of your pooch brings a smile on your face. So it certainly deserves some pampering.The pet care market around the globe is huge today, and pet owners are finding good ways of pampering their pets. People are spending whopping amounts on getting pet supplies that aim to simply their lives and give their dog some comfort and luxury. Today, dogs are being humanized and given love and care as we give to our fellow humans. They are adorned with colorful collars and groomed in a fashion to meet human standards. Dogs are undoubtedly becoming an extension of ourselves without anyone resisting this pattern.Yes, you should pamper your dog but only to a certain limit. Like in children, too much pampering can spoil dogs to an extent that you canโ€™t control them. They might become nastily ill-tampered, something going against pet owners themselves. It can wreak havoc on the house and other pets, if you have any. Some may become annoyingly whinny, and howl and bark incessantly. Such a thing can be a huge disturbance not only yourself but also for your neighbors.Too much pampering can also cause separation anxiety in dogs when they are home alone. Because they are so used to your affection and love, they feel something is missing, which often triggers unusual behaviors in them. Some dogs may also suffer from depression if they happen to feel left out anytime. Before something like this happens, dog owners should draw the boundary. Pampering your dog is good, but not to an extent that you let go the leash completely.

How To Pamper Your Dog In The Right Way?

Pampering your dog does involve giving it luxury and it might prove a little expensive at times. But donโ€™t worry there are also inexpensive ways of doing so. If you canโ€™t always afford those plush dog beds, fancy toys and tailored clothes, you can do the following to pamper your dog in a healthy way:

  • Spending quality time with your dog.
  • Feeding it healthily and engaging it in different activities.
  • Taking care of its health and hygiene.
  • Taking it for outdoor adventures.
  • Teaching it good behaviors.

Your dog wants company while playing and running around. Itโ€™s advisable that you treat it with love and care, yet maintain healthy boundaries with it at the same time.

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