Hero Yorkie Saves Owner from Vicious Bear Attack

Hero Yorkie Saves Owner from Vicious Bear Attack

When Larry Yepez walked out the back of his house on Thursday, the last thing he expected to see was a 250-pound black bear. An ex-Marine, Yepez is no stranger to dealing with high pressure situations. So when the bear did not respond to Yepezโ€™s yelling and noise making, he knew that he would have to call upon all of his training in order to survive. That and his brave Yorkie, Benji. After yelling at the bear to no avail, Yepez swung a pot filled with dirt at the now aggravated bearโ€™s head. This too failed, with the bear now chomping down on his wrist and nearly severing his hand. Now at the mercy of the massive beast, Yepez was also beaten about the face and torso, sustaining serious wounds on the side of his head and chest. Luckily for Yepez, his trusty companionย Benji never left his side for a second. And because of his brave Yorkieโ€™s protective nature, the dog was able to distract the bear long enough to give Yepez time to get on his feet and escape. Once Yepez was free from the bears murderous maw, Benji followed close behind and the two of them ran for safety."I jumped in my van and went to the hospital and when I walked in I was just covered in blood all over me and they go, 'Oh my god, what happened to you?,' and I said, 'I just got attacked by a bear," said Yepez.Yepez cites two things as the reason he was able to survive this vicious attack - his military training and his faithful Yorkie. If not for these two things, he would likely have died right there in his backyard, the victim of a chance encounter with one of natureโ€™s most versatile predators.

Luckily, Benji the hero terrier doesn't take acts of aggression towards his daddy lying down. And that is why we are calling Benji "The 10-pound pooch with a 250-pound bark." And you can be sure that he has a

lot of treats

and belly rubs coming his way.

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