Here are Interesting Facts about British Shorthair Cats

Here are Interesting Facts about British Shorthair Cats

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One of the most popular pedigree cats in the world, the British Shorthair breed is known for winning several competitions. As the name suggests, these felines come from the UK and gorgeous looks.

The beauty of different breeds of cats is that they have unique personalities and temperaments. If you plan on getting one or you just want to learn more about these felines, here are interesting facts about British Shorthair cats:

Long lifespan

Out of all the cat breeds in the world, the British Shorthair has one of the longest lifespans. You can say that it does have nine lives, as it is healthy by nature. One of the reasons is because of the size of the gene pool, during the early years of breeding.

It comes in different colors

The common belief is that British Shorthair felines only have one color โ€“ gray. However, they come in a variety of shades. Silver, gold, black, white, and red are some of the hues of its coat. They also have different colors for their eyes, ranging from blue-green to copper and gold.

It could be the inspiration for Cheshire Cat by Lewis Carroll

If you read Alice in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll, you will remember the Cheshire Cat, which is a popular character in the book. There are several rumors which indicate that the author drew the illustrations for this persona from the British Shorthair cat.

The roots go back to Rome

The British Shorthair felines are one of the oldest breeds of cats to exist in the world. You can trace their lineage to the legendary Roman empire. As the Romans were planning on invading Great Britain, they carried these felines with them. The belief is that these cats were responsible for protecting the supplies of the soldiers from rodents.

They almost went extinct

You will find it surprising to know that these breeds of felines reached a point of extinction in the past. Although they were extremely popular for shows, their popularity started to decline with the introduction of Siamese and Persian breeds.

On top of that, the two World Wars stopped people from breeding the British Shorthair felines. Fortunately, dedicated British dealers made sure to keep these species alive with the right mating processes.

Vulnerable to obesity

The major reason why people love the British Shorthair is because of its muscular and solid frame. However, it is quite easy for them to become obese if you donโ€™t pay close attention. Due to this reason, you need to ensure it gets regular exercise while feeding it high-quality and nutritious food.

If you are planning on getting a British Shorthair cat, go for it. There are plenty of options available, ensuring you can get one which you will fall in love with, instantly!

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