The Top 5 Dog Medicines for a Healthy, Outdoor Dog


The top 5 dog medicines for a healthy, outdoor dog
The top 5 dog medicines for a healthy, outdoor dog

When it comes to taking care of your four-legged friend, you only want the best for him. While you can meticulously choose the right bed, toys and food, you'll have to pay special attention to the dog medicine needed to keep your pet healthy. Playing outside can open the door to some canine diseasesย that require early care to minimize their effects.For the right treatment plans, try out these five medicines to protect your furry friend.

1. Heartgard

The threat of heartworms in dogs is very real.ย They can occur anytime, anywhere. However, with the right preventative medicine you can ensure that your pet is safe from this dangerous disease. According to the American Heartworm Society, these foot-long worms can live in the heart, lungs and associated blood vessels and

cause severe lung disease, heart failure and damage to other organs

. Outdoor dogs are highly susceptible to heartworms because manyย mammals are carriers for the disease, including foxes and coyotes. To prevent any health damage, pet parents should give their dogs Heartgard Regular Chewables to get ahead of the potential disease. Ivermectin, the antiparasitic drug active in the medicine, prevents infestations by attacking them at the source.

2. Frontline Plus

Countless parasites can latch onto your dog's skin when he plays outside, including ticks and lice.ย The Massachusetts Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals explained that lyme disease, which is carried by black-legged ticks, is a

very common infectious disease that affects dogs

of all ages. While few dogs might develop an illness from the bite, it's important that owners take the right steps to protect their pets.ย Frontline Plus provides fast and effective control of insect infestations. From a single point of application, theย medicine spreads over the entire canine and localizes in the hair and sebaceous glands. With monthly use, pet parents can guarantee that their four-legged friends stay protected even after swimming or beingย groomed.

3. K9 Advantix II

You might have times when you barely miss the prevention window and must act fast to eliminate existing infestations. If fleas get into your house, they can wreak havoc on clothing, sheets and furniture. However, administering


can kill and protect against 98 percent of fleas, mosquitoes and chewing lice within 12 hours. It eliminates all stages of fleasย -ย egg, pupae, larvae and adult - and attacks a range of ticks including Lone Star and Brown Dog Ticks. A monthly dose that's waterproof and intended for dogs age 7 weeks and older,


should be your go-to medicine for flea prevention.

4. Advantage II

Flea and lice infestations cause dogs to scratch at themselves constantly, which can lead to the insects spreading to other parts of your home. However, owners can squash these bugs' growths if caught early enough. With Advantage II for Dogs, your pet can be protected from infestations within 2 hours of being applied. The dog medicine contains pyriproxyfen, an insect growth regulator that breaks down the life cycle and prevents the development of parasites. Just one application of Advantage II protects canines for an entire month and is effective even after swimming or bathing.

5. Tri-Heart Plus

To fight both heart and intestinal worms, pet owners need a chewable tablet that acts fast and can be used year-round on their outdoor dog. Tri-Heart Plus is a monthly prescription that prevents these dangerous diseases, including hookworm. The flavored dog medicine kills the immature growths before they can attack the vital organs. Safe for dogs 6 weeks and older, it's intended for outdoor canines whoย need constant protection from infestations.


has all of the dog medicine that owners need to ensure their furry friends are able to safely run and play outside with no worries. Pet parents should take advantage of the cheaper prices and start protecting their canines today.


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