Help Prevent Dog Overpopulation and Euthanasia


All across the U.S. there is a growing concern regarding dog overpopulation. Shelters nationwide are continuing to take in dogs faster than they are able to get them adopted. And while there are many families capable of caring for a pooch, making sure they have a warm place to sleep, food in their bowl, and toys to play with, there aren't enough people around the country willing to help these dogs out. This leads to between 4 and 6 million being euthanized each year because of overpopulation, according to the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals.

Overpopulation leads to euthanasia

Louisiana ABC affiliate WGNO explained that overpopulation is a major issue in the U.S. and caused Louisiana shelters to euthanize tens of thousands of dogs in their state alone."The big problem is we put down 90,000 dogs in Louisiana alone. There are thousands of rescue organizations that raise money that do all this stuff, yet all those dogs are being put down. It's sad because they are wonderful creatures," local businesswoman and dog rescuer Marita Crandle told WGNO.


However, dogs can't be blamed for this problem. Instead, only owners and people who care can help cut down on the problem of dog overpopulation. Rather than euthanizing an excess number of dogs that don't have homes, people should be mindful of stopping the problem at its source by spaying and neutering their dogs.WGNO pointed out that New Orleans, like other places, has laws about spaying or neutering dogs within a certain number of months. However, not everyone follows these rules and the issue of overpopulation still persists.

What you can do

The first thing that any pet owner can do is spay or neuter their dog. This is the first and simplest step to eliminate companion animal-euthanasia.Although, the cost of spaying and neutering a pet or rescued dog can be a massive barrier to care for many owners or shelters. That's why organizations like the FIXIT Foundation and their Get Your Fix campaign are around, to allow others to donate a little extra to help dogs and their owners get the money they need for spaying and neutering.


Fixing a dog can be as life-saving as other donations. Although the money might not help save that specific dog's life, fixing them will help cut down on overpopulation and spare unnecessary euthanasia in the future.Use a


 membership to get discounts for veterinarian visits and other health care needs.

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