Guard Cats

Guard Cats

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We all have heard of guard dogs, but guard cats? Is it possible to train your cat to guard your house or your belongings? Is there any particular breed of cats which can be trained to protect you? The answer to all the above three questions is yes. Cats can be trained to guard your home.

Not all are scared cats

Most cat owners would describe their furball as an animal who thinks humans exist in this world to serve them. They think of cats as a highly intelligent species who also happens to be lazy. The question in this context is whether a cat will attack any intruder who threatens its family? In other words, will the mild-mannered lazy cat suddenly transform itself into a brave cat who will protect its human family? Searching the Internet will bring on results that are just the opposite. Cats are so afraid that they run away at the slightest danger. There is a term for it too, the scaredy-cat.

To alleviate your concerns, guard cats do exist. Do note that a guard cat will not have the same intimidatory tactics as a guard dog. Intruders will have a completely different experience with a guard cat compared to a guard dog. Canines are known to attack intruders and people who try to harm their owners.

Individual cat

Before you congratulate yourself for owning a cat, do remember that not all cats are the same. Your cat may protect you if someone tries to do you harm. On the flip side, it may not protect you at all. No scientific evidence on this score exists. Whether your cat will protect you (or not) will depend on its individual personality. Before you scream on this ambiguity, remember dogs are the same. Many so-called "guard dogs" hide under the bed at the nearest sign of danger. A few cars are known to selflessly protect their owners by fighting off intruders even if it knows there is a lot of danger involved.

Cats are much more territorial than dogs. It means that a cat will meow, growl, or raise hackles if someone violates their territory. The cat may also attack the person if the animal feels threatened or believes that its companion human is in danger. Scientists are yet to find out as to why your cat protects you. Is it out of love or does your cat think it owns you? The easiest way to find out is to ask the cat, but, you and your cat does not share a common language. A few cat breeds are found to be more protective of humans compared to others. These breeds generally act more dog like than like cats. The Abyssinian and Burmese are two examples.

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