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When it comes to taking care of a dog, the list of supplies and products can seem endless. Be sure to start with this list of must-haves that should be in every pet parent's shopping cart.

Choosing all the dog supplies needed to raise your dog well can seem like a daunting task, so we’ve compiled this list of useful products, many of which are favorite and well-tested products by PetCareRx customers. Whether you’ve got a puppy or you’re looking to keep your mature dog happy and healthy, here are the 14 products every dog parent needs to have on hand.

1. Collar

Looking for the ideal collar for ID tagging and walking your dog? The sturdy, no-rust metal buckle on this comfortable nylon collar boasts superior strength and an easy side release.

2. ID tag

Rest easy knowing your beloved dog can be easily returned home while wearing this ID tag, which has plenty of room for your dog’s address, and phone number to be printed clearly. The metallic tag measures 3/4'' high x 1 1/8'' wide.

3. Heartworm, flea & tick medications

If you’ve got a loyal dog whose health you want to protect, check out our dog pharmacy to save money on the medications you need to keep your dog safe from pests.

4. Leash

This durable nylon leash is perfect for small dogs and puppies. If you’ve got a large or energetic dog who yearns for lots of exercise, this 16-foot retractable lead will do the trick.

5. Self-cleaning brush

Promote bonding with your dog with this best-selling, self-cleaning brush with retractable bristles to keep your dog’s coat mat-free and shiny.

6. Shampoo

Farnam Bio Guard Shampoo for Dogs and Cats leaves spot-on flea and/or tick treatments completely intact, keeping your dog both clean and protected from pests. This dog shampoo’s special formula is gentle enough for puppies, rinses easily, and will leave your dog’s coat clean and fresh.

7. Thundershirt

If your dog is spooked by loud noises like fireworks, trash trucks, the vacuum cleaner, or storms, then give your dog a feeling of secure comfort with the Thundershirt. The Thundershirt applies gentle, even pressure to your dog’s torso, which helps to reduce anxiety and calm your pup’s nerves.

8. Dog bed

Watch your dog curl up and fall fast asleep in this washable, soft, fleece dog bed, which rolls up for easy transport.

9. Dental care

Greenies Dental Treats for Dogs are vet recommended and clinically proven to clean teeth and freshen breath. Here are 19 products that clean dogs’ teeth.

10. Crates and carriers

This DreamCrate Professional Series Dog Crate holds dogs up to 115 pounds. The crate sports a removable panel to adjust crate size, a heavy-duty carrying handle, and a plastic pan liner that slides out for easy cleaning. For your small dog, consider this Sherpa Original Deluxe Bag which is well-ventilated, great for travel, and comes with a comfortable and washable faux lambskin liner.

11. Food and water bowls

To promote healthy digestion for your dog, consider this attractive, raised set of stainless steel bowls. The Deluxe Fresh Flow® purifying dog fountain provides free-flowing filtered water to your dog throughout the day. For your small dog, the Cat Mate Meal Feeder automatically serves dinner at the right time, even if you’re stuck in traffic.

12. Dog food

With a dizzying array of foods on the market, how do you know which one is right for your dog? Here are the top dog food questions and answers to help you navigate all your options. Still not sure? Check out 10 of the best-rated dog foods.

13. Snacks & treats

Whether you need to use treats for training or you just want to add a little excitement to your dog’s day, you might be wondering what treats are proven to be the tastiest and won’t hurt your dog’s health. Halo Liv-a-Littles Wild Salmon Protein Treats for Dogs & Cats, are freeze-dried, 100% wild salmon, high-protein snacks your dog will love.

14. Dog toys

Do you ever wonder if your dog feels lonely or bored when you aren’t around? Look Who's Talking Plush Animal Friends will talk when squeezed to keep your dog company. For dogs who love to chew, keep their mouths busy and away from your favorite pair of shoes with this Kong Air Dog Squeaker Tennis Ball.

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