Grooming Tips For Different Skin Types In Dogs


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Just like in humans, different dogs have different skin types and coats. The variation is not only between breed but can also be seen within the same breed. While some dogs have the perfect skin and luscious coats others might have oily skin or dry flaky skin. Depending on the type of skin and coat of your dog you need to customize your grooming routine.With the right grooming tips, even the oiliest or driest textures can be managed well. Here are some tips on how to get your dog looking and feeling beautiful regardless of their skin type:

Regular grooming

Dogs come with a variety of coats of fur; these include short hair, long hair, wiry hair, curly hair and double coats. Depending on the type of coat you need to follow a certain grooming routine of brushing and bathing.For short hair coats use a soft brush about once in two weeks and brush the dog gently. These dogs donโ€™t get tangles in their hair and the brushing is mainly to remove any loose hair that has been shed but still sticking to the coat. Bathe short hair coat dogs with a regular dog shampoo and towel dry them.Long hair coat dogs require a little more care. Long hair gets tangled and need a brush with firmer bristle to help detangle the hair while brushing. Long haired dogs need to be brushed at least once a week to keep their coats smooth and detangled. These dogs needs to be bathed with a shampoo and conditioner to keep their coats soft.Wiry coat dogs donโ€™t need as much care as long haired dogs. Like short haired dogs you can brush them less than once a week and use a regular shampoo for them. If you would like to make their coats a little softer then use a gentle dog conditioner after shampooing.Curly hair and double coat dogs need plenty of care and grooming. These dogs tend to get tangles in their hair more easily and need to be brushed more often. Use a slicker brush along with a wide toothed comb for the double coat to help detangle the hair and keep it smooth. Bathe with shampoo followed with conditioner and towel dry the dog.

Grooming for different skin types

If your dogโ€™s skin is too oily, too dry and flaky or very sensitive and reacts easily to products then you should consult your vet for the appropriate grooming products.Specially formulated shampoos could help reduce excessive oiliness or add moisture to dry flaky skin as the situation might require. Sensitive skin that is prone to allergic reactions and rashes might do better with a medicated shampoo prescribed by the vet. Donโ€™t brush dogs with sensitive skin as the bristles might hurt them.

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