Going on a Walk with Your Cat โ€“ 3 Essential Training Tips

Going on a Walk with Your Cat โ€“ 3 Essential Training Tips

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Although it is hard to believe you can train your cat to go on a walk with you and explore the beautiful outdoor world. The beauty of this activity is that your feline gets a change of environment. On top of that, it doesn't have to face any risks that come with going outdoors by itself.

Before you start to train your cat, the first thing you need to do is invest in a harness and a leash. While collars are convenient, the problem is that the feline can escape from it quickly. There is also the issue that the collar may choke the cat when it runs up a tree.

Harnesses, designed for felines, will ensure the whole experience is safe and isnโ€™t stressful for it. Make sure you follow the tips given below, to train your cat and teach it how to go on a walk:

Take small steps

Donโ€™t try to take your furry four-legged friend and go for a walk around the neighborhood. Not only is the experience stressful, but the new smells and sounds are overwhelming for the cat.

You must start small so that the feline can adjust itself to the new activity. Start the walk right outside your house, as it is already familiar with this region. Once it becomes comfortable, you can increase the distance it walks regularly.

Reward it for good behavior

When the cat doesnโ€™t cause any problems during the training process, you should give it some treats. Positive reinforcement is essential, as the feline will associate going for walks with it.

Do keep in mind that your cat has a short attention span, which is why you need to give the treats at the right time. However, avoid overfeeding, as it defeats one of the health benefits that come with going for a walk.

Visit quiet and low populated places first

The problem with new sounds is that your cat will view it as a potential threat. Since it is in an unknown environment, it is going to cautious. Traffic sounds can scare your cat, making it harder to keep it under control.

You should go to a quieter place, such as a park. It becomes easier for the cat to make itself comfortable with the environment. On a similar note, even other people and animals which approach your cat can cause it to freak out. Due to this reason, the place you go to should be empty relatively.

Keep in mind that you will experience setbacks during the training process. Donโ€™t give up, as one day, you and your feline will be going for long walks. Make sure you follow the training tips shown above, to get your cat ready for the world outside your household!

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