Giving your cat Benadryl

Giving your cat Benadryl

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When humans like us suffer an allergic reaction, we simply swallow a Benadryl and ease the symptoms. Such is the drug's popularity that dog owners give their puppies the medicine too. The big question is whether Benadryl is safe for kitties as well.The answer: yes, you can give your cat Benadryl. It is an antihistamine and safe for both cats and dogs. Do know that Benadryl is simply the drug's brand name. Diphenhydramine is the active ingredient. If you want, you can also purchase the medication's generic brand. The drug is the same with only the names different as you buy it from different sellers.


Benadryl is used to cure allergic or itchy skin reactions. The medicine is also given to negate bug bites or vaccine reactions. The drug also functions as a mild sedative which can be used as an anti-motion sickness medication or anti-nausea drug. Veterinarians, however, recommend that you should employ a different medication in case you want to treat motion sickness in your kitty.

Giving Benadryl to cats

The easiest way to give Benadryl to your feline is to syringe the liquid medicine. The problem is that many cats will refuse the compound as they do not prefer either the taste or its odor. If your cat fiercely resists the medicine, take the Benadryl bottle to a compounding pharmacy. The staff with flavor the medicine with fish or chicken or any other taste which the cat likes. This may increase the possibility of your kitty eating it. If you want, you can feed the cat Benadryl pills too. The compounder can also flavor the pills. Try to mix the pills with the food so that the kitty eats it with the meal.According to veterinarians, the recommended dosage is approximately one milligram for every pound. It comes to half 25-milligram tablet for an averagely sized kitty. A cat weighing 10 pounds will thus need approximately for milliliters of the medicine to attain the right dose.


Benadryl can result in a swathe of symptoms. The kitty could feel drowsy. In some cats, however, the drug could make them hyper. An overdose may result in coma and seizures. The kitty could suffer from breathing difficulties. You should discuss with your veterinarian the course of action to take before giving your cat any medicine. The dosage could interfere with other medications that the cat could be taking. The medication must not also cover a bigger issue. You should remember that Benadryl acts on a symptom and does not solve the underlying sickness. If your kitty suffers from an allergic reaction and has breathing problems, then it is best you contact the vet to talk about this issue and not give Benadryl for temporary relief.

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