From Mutts to Monkeys: Your December Pet Holidays



Hey all! Time for your monthly reminder about what pet holidays you should be celebrating. Surprisingly, considering how many regular holidays fall in this month, there are only two December holidays pertaining specifically to pets. Don't miss these chances to celebrate our furry pals.

December Pet Holidays

December 2nd: National Mutt Day


Created in 2005,

National Mutt Day

was founded to honor our

mixed breed friends, and to raise awareness about the ever increasing number of mutts taking up space in our shelters. This holiday was organized in an attempt to dispel beliefs that mutts are inferior to purebred dogs. Mutts are every bit as smart, healthy, and lovable as any other dog -- just stop by your local shelter and see for yourself!

December 15th:ย National Cat Herder's DayDecember-Herding-Cats

While not directly related to cats, or any herding therein, "cat herding" is a term often used for the practice of undertaking a frustrating task. This is certainly a feeling shared by many a cat parent, hence the origin of the term. Whether your cat herding be literal or figurative, December 15th is a day dedicated to honoring your bold attempts to overcome those seemingly Sisyphean tasks.

Non-Pet Holidays (That Pets Still Love)

November 27th - December 4th, 2013: Hanukkah


Remember to include your pets in this festival of lights. Whether you can play a game of pet friendly dreidel (no

chocolates!), or just give them a little gift to brighten up their winter holiday, letting your pet participate this Hanukkah is a surefire way to add some spice to your eight crazy nights.

December 25th: Christmas


Why keep all the fun for yourself? If you are one of the many people this year celebrating Christmas, don't be a Grinch! Give some of that Christmas spirit over to our four footed friends with a

new bone or a catnip mouse

. Any excuse to pamper your pet is certainly worthwhile.

Bonus Holiday

December 14th: Monkey Day


How could we possibly ignore a day dedicated to monkeys?

Monkey Day

(the December 14th one, not the July 21st one dedicated to "monkeying around") is an unofficial holiday celebrated across the globe in an attempt to make people more aware of the living conditions of our simian brethren. Raising awareness on such things as medical testing on monkeys, their diminishing habitat, and evolution, this holiday is typically celebrated with a monkey themed costume party.

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