Flea and Tick Diseases Pets Can Get


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With spring on it's way it can be easy to spend all your time dreaming of rolling through green fields with your pet and hiking into the crisp mountain air with your trusty dog at your side.We can't wait for those excursions either, but amidst all the sunshine and colorful flowers,

fleas, ticks, and mosquitos

are getting a-buzzing.What can fleas and ticks really do to your pet? The answer is, a lot!

Ticks can cause nasty diseases

likeย Rocky Mountain Spotted fever;ย Lyme disease, which results in lameness, joint pain, and skin rashes; and even paralysis.Fleas can transfer


(icky parasites that suck blood in your pet's intestines), and cause

extreme itchiness and skin rashes

.Mosquito bites are never fun, but they can also transfer


disease to dogs and cats, which can result in death if left untreated.Don't let your pet get a disease when you can prevent these parasites with easy monthly pills and spot-ons!So what medication should you use? Take a look at our charts that show which medication protect against with pests:

Compare Flea and Tick Medications

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