Fishing with Your Dog

Fishing with Your Dog

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You can take your dog to fish without any trouble. It is possible to do this if you know a few tricks. Do remember that dogs do not take kindly to water. A number of accidents have been recorded in boats where owners came in with their dogs to spend a relaxing day. The subsequent events made the day everything but a relaxing one. Dogs are found to be trapped by fish baits, with their mouths hooked to the fishing line. The owners then have to remove the line from the mouth painfully. The pain does not end when the boat finally scrapes land. Dogs are known to jump down from the boat and run away as fast as they can-with the hapless owner running far behind.

Knowing by experience

The most obvious way to teach dogs is to allow them to fathom the problem itself. If you take your dog out fishing repeatedly, then they will soon understand how to keep themselves safe from the dangers of fishing hooks and other similar fishing gear. Do remember that your dog cannot help you with your fishing activity. The best it can do is to calmly sit in the boat and watch the ships go by. The only help that your dog could provide is to eat the fish that you reject for consumption. It follows that the best method to make your dog assist you in such activities is to take the animal with you in your fishing expeditions repeatedly. The first few times will invariably be a difficult one. For an owner, learning a few tricks could make the time spent much easier.

Keeping the dog safe

You should always be aware of where your dog is. This is particularly valid when you back your boat. Your dog does not understand boat mechanics and the art of navigation. The dog must jump away from the steer when you back the vessel. An experienced fishing person's dog knows this, and it will stay as much far away from the essential parts of the boat during these times. An untrained dog, however, will not know this. It will excitedly jump in the face of danger, thereby inconveniencing not only itself but you and the boat's other occupants as well. If you worry about your dog being swept up in the propeller wash, keep the dog leashed inside the steering room most of the time. Fishing hooks and other equipment could be extremely dangerous. Do keep them away from your dog in a place where it cannot touch them. Do not forget to bring fresh, drinkable water exclusively for your dog. Heat exhaustion can overtake both humans and dogs if possible buy dog specific sunscreens too.

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