Fiona the Blind, Abandoned Poodle Mix Named ASPCA Dog of the Year


Eldad Hagar - Extended Profile.

When Audrey and Eldad Hagar rescued Fiona from a trash heap in South L.A, she was blind, sick and had the worst flea infestation theyโ€™d ever seen. Two years and one miraculous surgery later, Fionaโ€™s sight is restored in one eye and she is enjoying a happy, healthy life with adoptive pet parents Michele and Chris Gentry.

Fionaโ€™s story has touched millions of animal lovers the world over. After Eldad Hagar, founder of the non-profit organization Hope for Paws, shared Fiona's rescue video on YouTube, donations to help save her sight came flooding in. Fiona has since starred in multiple follow-up videos which have also garnered much attention.

Fionaโ€™s rescue has resulted in 5.5 million YouTube views and media coverage from around the world; including appearances on Anderson Cooper Live and the Today Show. Now, Fiona has been named 2012โ€™s Dog of the Year by the ASPCA, an honor she received in New York City last week.

Eldad Hagar - Extended Profile.

Fionaโ€™s story is one of hope, survival and triumph of spirit. It has brought attention to the plight of stray and abandoned animals everywhere, and enabled Hope for Paws to carry on its admirable mission.Please share Fionaโ€™s story, and visit

ย to learn more ways you can help give homeless orย abandonedย pets a second chance.

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