Finding Homes for Rescues, One Pet at a Time - PetPlus Pups



Americaโ€™s shelters are brimming with perfectly lovely dogs waiting to find a family to take them home. Sadly, however,

every 13 seconds a petย is put down in a shelter

. That has to change.Because of that,


has started the โ€œPetPlus Pupsโ€ program. They sponsor a dog, paying for all their costs up until the dog is adopted. Also, the sponsored dog comes with a lifetime membership to PetPlus, in hopes of that helping to get the dog adopted.Their current PetPlus Pup is Cooper - a pit bull terrier mix at

Philadelphia Animal Wellfare Society (PAWS

). Cooper was picked up on the streets when he was a puppy, so he has never known life in a loving home. He is a playful pooch that loves a game of tug or fetch. He also loves a good snuggle and belly rub.If you want to see more Cooper, check out the video below:

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