Everything You Need To Know About Pet Penis Health


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Taking care of a pet is not always easy. Itโ€™s not always fun and games and there is a lot of responsibility involved. Knowing all there is to know about your pet can help you in taking better care of him. One thing that pet owners often donโ€™t think about are their petโ€™s penis. In most cases, people just assume that itโ€™s functioning the way it should to avoid awkward conversations and checkups at the vet. But is avoiding one awkward conversation worth your petโ€™s health?All parts of a dogโ€™s body can be affected by injuries and disease and that includes the penis. Problems that usually affect the penis can usually be really uncomfortable for your dog and could even be an indication of a serious health issue.

Here Are Some Things You Need To Know About Your Dogโ€™s Penis:

In order to properly tell whether your dogโ€™s penis is healthy or not, youโ€™ll need to first know what it looks like on a normal day. On the outside of the penis, you will find the sheath or the prepuce. This is the tissues and skin that usually covers the non-erect penis. The penis appears bright pink or red in color because of the mucous membrane that surrounds it. Sometimes, a little slightly green or yellowish-white discharge can be seen around the prepuce. This is not a cause for concern. The discharge is a normal bodily fluid called smegma.Your dogโ€™s penis will appear rigid even while itโ€™s not erect. This is because of a bone that he possesses called the os penis. You can also find two glands at the base of his penis called the bulbus glandis. They become more noticeable when he becomes erect as the glands swell with blood. A dogโ€™s erection usually lasts a few minutes to an hour. During an erection, his penis could even extend outside the prepuce. A neutered dog can also achieve a full erection.

How Do I Know If My Dogโ€™s Penis Is Infected?

Dog owners usually confuse the smegma as a sign of infection. In many cases, healthy dogs produce a lot of smegma and sometimes even lick themselves in order to remove it. If your fdog is licking excessively or listlessly, this can also be a sign of infection. Make an appointment with your vet immediately.You can usually just ignore your dog licking his penis. This is normal behavior for a dog. You only need to be concerned if the overall appearance of your dogโ€™s penis has somehow been compromised. That would be a sure sign of infection. If there is blood coming from your dogโ€™s penis, call your vet immediately โ€“ even if itโ€™s from an external wound. Get him checked out as soon as possible.Small issues are not usually a cause to worry. If you see him being overly uncomfortable or heโ€™s also suffering from more than one symptom, then you should call the veterinarian.

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