Everything You Need to Know About Pedigree Cats

Everything You Need to Know About Pedigree Cats

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Most of the cats that are kept as pets in households across the world have bred without the intervention of humans. They usually comprise of a random mix of genes that came together by pure accident. Pedigree cats, on the other hand, have been specifically bred to exhibit certain physical characteristics and tend to show breed-related behavior. For instance, Siamese cats are quite noisy and talkative compared to moggies. Breeders usually take:

  • A naturally occurring cat group and develop them into a particular breed.
  • A cat that has a genetic abnormality (like folded ears, short legs or lack of coat) and cross breed it with another cat.
  • Different breeds and mix them to form new breeds.
  • A different species and cross breed with a domestic to form a hybrid.

Pedigree cats are considered special and they can cost a lot of money. However, they are not necessarily better than moggies, just different. While most of the moggies come from natureโ€™s melting pot, pedigrees are bred to highlight specific physical and behavioral traits. So, while the look of your cat is guaranteed, he might also encounter genetic problems because of the closed gene pool. If there are disorders or health problems within the pool, then they can be easily passed on to the next generation โ€“ these are referred to as inherited disorders.

Good breeding

Good breeders are highly knowledgeable about cats in general and are well versed in the problems that specific breeds face. They aim to breed healthy and people friendly cats and try to deal with the inherited disorders that usually arise in a purebred.

Different personalities

Purebreds tend to have distinct personalities. But it is important to bear in mind that the personality of the cat depends not only on the breed but also early experiences in the catโ€™s life and the variation between different cats of the same breed can be quite great at times.However, good breeders make it a point to choose people friendly cats to breed from, thereby ensuring that the next generation is more social. These cats are better equipped to deal with the emotional pressures placed on them by their owners. However, it also means that they are emotionally more dependent and might suffer from separation anxiety if the owner is away for a long time. Breed disposition is also something that needs to be taken into account. For instance, the Persian cat cannot keep its coat free from tangles without regular grooming, whereas the Sphynx needs regular cleaning and bathing to get rid of the oil buildup that is meant to coat the hair but remains on the skin instead.If you have decided to go the pedigree route, make sure that you do your homework before you choose the breeder. You want a healthy and happy cat which suits your lifestyle if you want a fulfilling and rewarding relationship with your pet.

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